Health Reform 2014

What is special enrollment?

Special enrollment allows you to enroll in health coverage when it is not an open enrollment period. To qualify, you must have a “life event” that changes the size of your household or causes you to lose health coverage. You have 60 days to report the change. Some examples of qualifying “life events” are:
  • Getting married (if you or your new spouse need health insurance)
  • Having a baby or adopting a baby (if your current insurance doesn’t cover dependents) Moving to a new location (if your move causes you to lose your health coverage)
  • Turning 26 (if you lose coverage through your parents’ plan)
  • Losing health coverage (if you have coverage through work and then lose your job, change to a job without health insurance, your employer stops offering health coverage)
  • Getting divorced (if you lose coverage because of the divorce)
  • Changing income (if you lose Medicaid or KCHIP or if your financial assistance changes)